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Oklahoma and the nation as a whole recognize today as National Voter Registration Day. The countdown to the upcoming Nov. 6 elections officially begins; election day is now six weeks away. Each state has its own laws and rules governing voter registration and Oklahoma is no different.

Registering to Vote in Oklahoma

You must be age 18 to register to vote; if you will turn 18 in the 60 days preceding the election, you may apply for voter registration in the 60 to 25 days prior to election day. The deadline to apply for voter registration this year is Oct. 12.

In order to register to vote in Oklahoma, you must apply for voter registration. The applications are available at the county election boards, post offices, libraries and tag agencies, or you can print the form on a plain white sheet of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. The completed and signed application form should be sent to the State Election Board at the address preprinted on the form. You'll need a first-class postage stamp.

You will become a registered voter once your county election board approves your application and you receive your voter registration card. Always take your voter registration card with you when you go to vote.

Identification on Voting Day in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of 19 states with non-strict, non-photo voter identification laws, according to The Oklahoma Daily . When you appear to vote, you will be asked to provide a government-issued photo ID or your voter registration card. Only Oklahoma driver's licenses will be accepted as appropriate ID; no driver's licenses from out of state will be accepted.

Absentee Ballot Voting in Oklahoma

Any voter registered in Oklahoma may vote by absentee ballot with no need to provide a reason. There are three special conditions for providing a reason that may apply to your situation and has special provisions, according to the Oklahoma State Election Board :

* If you are physically incapacitated or care for someone who is and cannot be left alone, you will not need to have your signature on the absentee ballot notarized, but instead have it witnessed by two people, along with providing this special condition information on your application.

* Voters in nursing homes in the same county in which they are registered can apply for absentee voting. A member of the Absentee Voting Board will come to you at the nursing home prior to the election so that you cast your vote.

* Oklahomans who are members of the military or living oversees with their spouses and dependents do not have to be registered to vote to obtain an absentee ballot.

Be sure to note your special condition on your absentee ballot application for these features to apply.

Applications for voting by absentee ballot are available at each county election board, or you can simply write a letter containing your name, date of birth, the address at which you are registered to vote, the election or elections for which you are requesting the absentee ballot, the address to which the ballot should be mailed and your signature.

The deadline in Oklahoma for requesting an absentee ballot is Oct. 31. Absentee ballots for military persons stationed overseas were to be mailed by Sept. 21, reported KOKH TV .

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