Oklahoma City Still Rated Nation's Top Economy

Release of Grades for Oklahoma Schools Postponed

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Oklahoma often finds itself near the bottom of national rankings, but not so with the current economy. Attorney General Scott Pruitt is gaining national attention with his job diligence. Oklahoma residents will have to wait longer to know how their public schools fared grade-wise. And all of this Sooner State news comes on Columbus Day.

Oklahoma City Economy Tops in Nation

According to The Business Journals, Oklahoma City ranked top in the nation in the On Numbers Economic Index again this month for its healthy economy. This index uses an 18-point formula, measuring different factors that demonstrate the overall health of each city's economy.

The city's unemployment rate was 4.6 percent. The average worker's earnings per week are $766.30. According to the index, Oklahoma City's one-year earnings growth was 6.65 percent; the five-year earnings growth was listed as 13.21 percent.

While Oklahoma City scored a total of 91.14 points on the index, Tulsa, Okla., listed as the third best city economically and scored 80.50 total points. Tulsa's unemployment rate was 5.4 percent, with average worker's earnings per week noted to be $823.55. One-year earnings growth for Tulsa was 6.12 percent; five-year earnings growth, 12.97 percent.

Oklahoma Attorney General Tenacious about States' Rights

Scott Pruitt, just the second Republican to hold the office of attorney general in Oklahoma, has a dogged determination to ensure federal authorities don't overstep the boundaries of the U.S. Constitution by trampling on states' rights, reported NewsOK.com. For Pruitt, this is the most important part of being a state attorney general at this point in time.

Pruitt's efforts and diligence in this area are beginning to garner him national attention. Oklahoma's AG was one of 28 state attorneys general to have filed suit against the Affordable Care Act. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the ACA in June, but Pruitt filed suit again on Sept. 19, on the grounds that the implementation of the employer mandate by the federal government is illegal.

Oklahoma Public Schools

Oklahoma's State Department of Education was prepared to release the grades for each of the state's 1,750 schools, the result of evaluations approved by the legislature in 2011. The evaluations, which replace the former Academic Performance Index, provide an A-F grade, just like student report cards. The evaluation system is a measurement tool of each school's performance and level of improvement.

The release of those grades was delayed by a unanimous vote of the State Board of Education, at least until the full board meets on Oct. 25 and can review the formula used in establishing the schools' grades. The formula and its methods have been issues of contention for many throughout the state, including school superintendents, the PTA, and Janet Barresi, state Superintendent of schools.

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