Oklahoma Should Step Up Promotion of Job-Hunting Tools

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COMMENTARY | Unemployment rates in Oklahoma held relatively steady in 2012. The state saw its highest unemployment rate of 6.1 percent in January and its lowest rate of 4.8 percent in May, according to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. Rather than focus on unemployment benefits, Oklahoma now needs to turn its focus to assisting unemployed citizens in returning to the workforce in 2013.

Jobs Are Available In Oklahoma

Although the majority of jobs in Oklahoma will be found in the major metropolitan areas of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, the state has seen an increase in the number of jobs available. The hospitality industry for example, has seen an approximate increase of more than 8,000 jobs in 2012, while the trade, transportation and utilities sector saw an increase of just fewer than 11,000 jobs.

Job Search Resources Provided by the State

Oklahoma provides multiple resources in order to assist its citizens with their search for work. Anyone looking for work in Oklahoma can visit www.okjobmatch.com and or www.oklahomajoblink.com to create a resume and search jobs posted to the site. Once an individual completes a resume on the site, they are then matched up with potential employers who are looking for the qualifications that the individual may have.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission also maintains a list of upcoming job fairs on its website. Individuals attending these events are able to meet with potential employers on the spot and are often interviewed and even hired before the day is over.

Unemployment Rate to Drop in 2013

As a state, Oklahoma needs to do a better job of educating the public regarding the job search resources that are available to them at no cost. By getting this information into the hands of those who are looking for work, we will see our unemployment rates drop dramatically in 2013. As our citizens get back to work, the economy of the entire state will improve and the people of our state will be back on the path to economic stability and growth.

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