One in eight single men would choose a new iPhone over a girlfriend

Daniel Bean, Yahoo News
Yahoo News
iPhone Instead of Girlfriend

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Some men said they would rather have the new iPhone than a girlfriend.

There is not an app for that -- but these guys don't seem to care. 

In a survey conducted by discount offers site, one in eight single men said they would choose a new iPhone 5s over a girlfriend, as reported by The Telegraph. The survey, which polled 550 single British males, also found that three percent of those polled would drop their current girl to grab a new iPhone (but let's be honest: If you'd leave your mate for the iPhone 5s, it's probably time you two had a talk, anyway.)

“[Y]ou don’t expect to see one in eight men prepared to forgo love, or in the case of three per cent, ditch their current partner to get their hands on [a new iPhone]" a SaleLand representative said in remarks emailed to Yahoo News, stating the obvious.

Now, this is all hypothetical, of course: There is no actual girlfriend swap going on (we hope). However, for those that do, for some reason, end up forfeiting their girlfriends for an iPhone 5s, there are viable options available by the way of e-companionship.

My Virtual Girlfriend, the dating simulation app in Apple's App Store that lets you pretend to date a 3D avatar, may serve just fine for some fellows. The app even allows you to place a picture of your ex on your new e-GF's face, which may reduce the sting. Siri, the iPhone's voice assistant, meanwhile, can also be good company: An upcoming movie from Spike Jonze even imagines what it would be like to fall in love with your smartphone's assistant.

Still: It's probably not a good idea to leave your best guy or gal for a smartphone -- especially when you're going to be ready to upgrade again a year.

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