Republicans have a Donald Trump problem, and it is worse than they think. What they don't realize is that Trump does not fit into the customary profile of a presidential candidate, one who puts himself forward in Iowa, and then New Hampshire and South Carolina, and, when the money or support runs…

    David Shribman
  • When the fate of the world is at stake..

    they'll have no choice but to join forces.

  • Now the Turks Are All In

    All through the Cold War, the Turks were among America's most reliable allies. After World War II, when Stalin encroached upon Turkey and Greece, Harry Truman came to the rescue. Turkey reciprocated by sending thousands of troops to fight alongside our GIs in Korea.

    Pat Buchanan
  • Desperate Dems Recycle Planned Parenthood's Mammogram Lie

    As more graphic, money-grubbing undercover videos of Planned Parenthood's for-profit aborted baby parts racket emerge thanks to the investigative work of the Center for Medical Progress, desperate Democrats are in full deflection mode. U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Mathews…

    Michelle Malkin
  • Will Jewish Democrats Sink Iran Deal?

    "Seven Jewish Lawmakers Could Tilt the Scales on Iran Deal," headlines The Times of Israel. The members — Sen. Charles Schumer, Rep. Steven Israel, Rep. Eliot Engel, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Nita Lowey, Sen. Ben Cardin and Rep. Ted Deutch — are all Democrats.

    Mona Charen

    The omnipresence of video cameras hasn't restrained the impulses of violent police officers, it seems, but cameras have at least repudiated the narratives that have saved so many police from prosecution. In several cases, video footage has offered a truth that defies official justifications for…

    Cynthia Tucker

    For years, Republican candidates have been assured by their political consultants that amnesty is a runaway hit with the public. Washington has tried to sneak through three amnesties in the last decade -- in 2006, 2007 and 2013. Couldn't Republicans spare themselves the embarrassment of having to…

    Ann Coulter
  • Obama Cronyism + Your Personal Data = Trouble

    It's the most far-reaching scandal in Washington that no one wants to talk about: Tens of millions of federal employees had their personal information hacked as a result of Obama administration incompetence and political favoritism. Ethnic community organizer-turned-Office of Personnel Management…

    Michelle Malkin

    Since the Islamic State most unfortunately came onto our horizons a year ago, one of the Obama administration's major disappointments has been the hesitation of Turkey to step forward and take on its fellow, though radicalized, prodigal Muslim brothers. Turkey did not want to get involved in such…

    Georgie Anne Geyer
  • Could Trump Win?

    The American political class has failed the country, and should be fired. That is the clearest message from the summer surge of Bernie Sanders and the remarkable rise of Donald Trump.

    Pat Buchanan

    On the one hand, that is the message of the movement itself, that its members are mainstream Americans whose identity was hidden by outmoded, unfair stigmas. Indeed, the last two things that New Left activists or American progressives wanted to do in the late 1960s and early 1970s were to join the…

    David Shribman
  • The Anger Games

    Progressives are panting to interpret his surge as evidence of Republicans' black hearts. Some Donald Trump supporters have suggested that his success, such as it is/was (this is being written after the McCain flap and before polls have gauged its impact), is an indictment of the limp "Republican…

    Mona Charen
  • Look Who's Coddling Denver's Social Justice Jerks

    On a tranquil Sunday afternoon in Denver, hate-mongering zealots hijacked a rally held by citizens and families of fallen police officers, who had gathered to pay tribute to Colorado's honorable men and women in blue. The event organizer, local businessman Ron MacLachlan, followed all the rules…

    Michelle Malkin
  • 'A New Dark Age'

    Ivan Karamazov's insight came to mind while watching the video of Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood describe, as she sipped wine and tasted a salad, how she harvests the organs of aborted babies for sale to select customers. Planned Parenthood's image — a progressive organization that…

    Pat Buchanan
  • Medical Monsters vs. Life-Giving Angels

    Another week, another money-grubbing Planned Parenthood baby-parts harvester exposed. In the second devastating installment of a three-year journalism investigation, the Center for Medical Progress on Monday released undercover video of another top abortion industry doctor haggling over the sale…

    Michelle Malkin

    Oddly enough, it made me think of where we are today in our foreign policy -- a hodgepodge of nibbles and quibbles, invaders and crusaders and revolutions and circumlocutions, from Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan. Although these memories may seem long ago and far away to many Americans cemented in…

    Georgie Anne Geyer
  • A Mideast Game of Thrones

    As President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran is compared to Richard Nixon's opening to China, Bibi Netanyahu must know how Chiang Kai-shek felt as he watched his old friend Nixon toasting Mao in Peking. The Iran nuclear deal is not on the same geostrategic level. Rouhani then won the Ayatollah's…

    Pat Buchanan

    Last week Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered an important economic address, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin formally announced his candidacy for the White House, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont explained how he hopes to win the allegiance of blue-collar voters, and Gov. Chris Christie made nice to…

    David Shribman
  • The GOP's Iran Dilemma

    From first reactions, it appears that Hill Republicans will be near unanimous in voting a resolution of rejection of the Iran nuclear deal. For even if Congress votes to deny Obama authority to lift U.S. sanctions on Iran, the U.S. will vote to lift sanctions in the U.N. Security Council. A…

    Pat Buchanan
  • Jihad on U.S. Troops Is Not a "Circumstance"

    Four U.S. Marines, barred from carrying weapons at naval training facilities despite explicit ISIS threats against our military, are dead in Tennessee. Another service member and a Chattanooga police officer survived gunshots after Thursday's two-stage massacre allegedly at the hands of…

    Michelle Malkin
  • Obama: Witting or Witless?

    A question has hung in the air since Barack Obama first moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and began his "fundamental transformation" of this country: Did he intend harm, or was he merely so blinded by ideology that he could not see the damage his policies were creating? The Iran deal provides an…

    Mona Charen