• Hamas' Triumph

    Hamas, with perhaps unwitting help from President Barack Obama, is achieving its war aim: to legitimize Islamic supremacism and Jew-hatred, and take it global. Who now recalls that when Hamas was elected, the world responded with disgust? Hamas was on everyone's terrorist list. Flailing, the…

    Mona Charen
  • Is Putin Worse Than Stalin?

    In 1933, the Holodomor was playing out in Ukraine. After the "kulaks," the independent farmers, had been liquidated in the forced collectivization of Soviet agriculture, a genocidal famine was imposed on Ukraine through seizure of her food production. In November 1933, during the Holodomor, the…

    Pat Buchanan
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  • Still Fighting: The Delphi Workers Obama Robbed

    The White House pretended to champion American workers this week with gimmicky initiatives on federal job training and "workplace innovation." But far from the Beltway dog-and-pony show, a group of American workers ruthlessly shafted by the Obama administration was finally getting some real support…

    Michelle Malkin
  • The American Way of Death

    The evidence that it was being administered arbitrarily and unfairly was so overwhelming that the Supreme Court had effectively placed a moratorium on it. The first man to be executed after the moratorium was Gary Gilmore, who wanted to die. The second was a murderer named John Spenkelink, who…

    Susan Estrich

    WASHINGTON -- Last week, as the eyes of the world shuttled between the grievous scene of death in eastern Ukraine and the beautiful, moving funerals for some of the dead in the Netherlands, we were seeing far more than two vastly different ways of living -- and dying. We were seeing the…

    Georgie Anne Geyer

    When a U.S. president is using the IRS to terrify his political enemies, destroying American health care and opening our southern border to millions of future welfare-collecting, Democratic voters from the Third World, why is a dime's worth of money being wasted on trying to replace the Republican…

    Ann Coulter
  • The Left's Dark Money Managers: Meet Philip Gara LaMarche

    Philip Gara LaMarche is a secretive political operative who funnels billions of dollars from undisclosed donors to nonprofits and astroturf groups. Here's why: LaMarche is a militant leftist philanthropist. He's a protected elite — Columbia University grad, former ACLU leader and Human Rights…

    Michelle Malkin
  • False Equivalence

    Israel and Hamas do not stand in the same shoes. Until the past day or two, the death toll scoreboard so widely reported in the media was running so lopsidedly in Israel's "favor" that Israel was being chastised because too few of its soldiers and civilians had died. Hamas has launched thousands…

    Susan Estrich
  • Warren Buffett Reveals How $40 Becomes Millions

    Discover the dead-simple Warren Buffett strategy that could lead to life changing investing profits.

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  • What Needs Resetting

    The bodies of 298 passengers and crew of Malaysia Air Flight 17, 80 of them children, lie unburied in a Ukrainian field while Vladimir Putin's men fire their weapons into the air to keep international investigators from approaching the site. Yes, "Putin's men." Calling them "Russian separatists"…

    Mona Charen
  • The Day of the Hawk

    Today, Vladimir Putin, with an indictment being drawn up against him, is blaming Ukraine for the war out of which the tragedy came. For the rebels in Ukraine are seen as Putin's proxies. They have been armed and advised by Russia. While the separatists say they got the surface-to-air missiles…

    Pat Buchanan

    The fear of a renascent Russia has only slightly died down since the heinous downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and analysts as well as journalists are still saying that we face another Cold War, if not a return to all-out fighting. Of course, at Russian circuses, it has been known to dance.

    Georgie Anne Geyer

    The Republicans have made a choice, and it's the last easy one they will have for the next 23 months. They will hold their national political convention in Cleveland. The last time they went to Cleveland, the Republicans faced a small insurgency. The establishment candidate was Gov. Alf Landon…

    David Shribman

    Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is a curious vehicle for reformation of the Republican Party. Still, Paul brings a refreshing view of the limits of warfare to a GOP that has spent the last several decades enthusiastically embracing military interventions across the globe. The country needs no more Dick…

    Cynthia Tucker

    The deported Hondurans are among the flood of women and children, including 57,000 unaccompanied children, from Central America who have been entering the United States illegally. "This is not a sectional issue," said Kennedy on national television.

    Richard Reeves
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  • Cleveland Could Be Good for GOP, if ...

    You needn't be clairvoyant to deduce what the Democratic Party wants to run on in 2016. It really doesn't matter whether their nominee is Hillary Clinton or someone else. Democrats won't be campaigning on the thriving economy under President Barack Obama, global stability under American…

    Mona Charen
  • Mrs. Obama's Operation VA Scandal Distraction

    Barack and Michelle Obama are quite the diversionary tag-team. While the shirker in chief golfed and grubbed for money at closed-door celebrity fundraisers this week, his East Wing flak-catcher provided him cunning cover on the still-festering VA scandals. Mrs. Obama flew to Los Angeles to…

    Michelle Malkin
  • The Brazil of North America

    To observe the decades-long paralysis of America's political elite in controlling her borders calls to mind the insight of James Burnham in 1964 — "Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide." Several were not.

    Pat Buchanan

    Every summer when I return to this beautiful state, I think of the smart-aleck old saying, "God made Wisconsin so Chicagoans could enjoy themselves." The Badger State is more agriculturally luxurious than ever.

    Georgie Anne Geyer

    Next, liberals told us these "undocumented migrants" (the PC phrase for "illegal aliens" -- because we'll never figure out what that means) were mere children fleeing violence and drug cartels. (Suspiciously, liberals' wailing about a "humanitarian" crisis began immediately after Sen. Chuck…

    Ann Coulter
  • Jose Antonio Vargas: The Face of the Entitled Illegal Alien

    During the Bush years, the open-borders movement won over bleeding hearts in the White House but alienated the American public with radical displays of La Raza ("The Race") militancy, desecrated American flags and Che Guevara shirt-wearing, fist-thrusting marches across the country. On Monday,…

    Michelle Malkin
  • 10 Coolest Cars Under $25,000

    You don't have to spend a fortune to ride in style. We list this year's cars that are sure to make your friends jealous of your cool factor.

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