This month brings a discernable turn in the struggle for the White House that is a preoccupation in this state, site of the first presidential primary. It will be apparent in Tuesday night's debate among the Democratic candidates. And it is turning, at least for the moment, away from New…

    David Shribman
  • Unlock 'em Up?

    At a conference named for former New York Mayor David Dinkins (who presided over the city at a time of runaway crime), Hillary Clinton decried the number of Americans behind bars and declared, "It's time to change our approach. In this, she is joined by Bernie Sanders and other Democrats, and also…

    Mona Charen
  • Feminist Fabricator Lena Dunham Rides Again

    Last week, upper-crust Manhattanite actress Lena Dunham dropped in at the Beverly Hills home of billionaire mogul Ron Burkle, who was co-hosting an event with Hanoi Jane Fonda, organized by the Rape Foundation, to honor her longtime friend and HBO "Girls" show producer, Judd Apatow. Apatow's a…

    Michelle Malkin
  • The Allure of Mass Murder

    For the world now knows who Harper-Mercer is. When detectives arrived, Harper-Mercer was wounded in a firefight, fled back to his bloody classroom and shot himself. From start to finish, the worst shooting in Oregon's history lasted half an hour.

    Pat Buchanan

    The media act as if they're performing a public service by refusing to release details about the perpetrator of the recent mass shooting at a community college in Oregon. But we were given plenty of information about Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, James Holmes and Jared Loughner.Now, quick: Name the mass…

    Ann Coulter

    Just about anyone who has been reading about the doom-ridden events in the Middle East this fall would know by now that the millions of American dollars provided to train a "moderate Syrian Army" are not exactly going to scare the pants off the Russians and Iranians. In fact, as the Pentagon has…

    Georgie Anne Geyer
  • War Party Targets Putin and Assad

    Having established a base on the Syrian coast, Vladimir Putin last week began air strikes on ISIS and other rebel forces seeking to overthrow Bashar Assad. A longtime ally of Syria, Russia wants to preserve its toehold on the Mediterranean, help Assad repel the threat, and keep the Islamic…

    Pat Buchanan

    That is the irresistible conclusion prompted by the stunning finding in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showing that three candidates who have never served a single hour in political office -- billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former high-tech…

    David Shribman
  • The Mind of Mr. Putin

    A dozen years after George W. Bush invaded Iraq, ISIS occupies its second city, Mosul, controls its largest province, Anbar, and holds Anbar's capital, Ramadi, as Baghdad turns away from us — to Tehran. Wednesday and Thursday, Putin's forces in Syria bombed the camps of U.S.-backed rebels seeking…

    Pat Buchanan
  • The Baby Butchers and Their Media Butchers

    The propagandists of Planned Parenthood don't want you to remember that earlier this summer the group apologized for the "tone" of one of its top officials, Deborah Nucatola, who casually hawked unborn baby parts to undercover journalists from the Center for Medical Progress as she swilled wine and…

    Michelle Malkin

    Half a century ago, Democrats looked at the country and realized they were never going to convince Americans to agree with them. So in 1965 -- 50 years ago this week -- Sen. Ted Kennedy passed an immigration law that has brought 59 million foreigners to our shores, who happen to vote 8-2 for the…

    Ann Coulter
  • THE 'I' WORD

    It all started some months ago when "The Donald" first trumpeted his outcry, "IMMIGRATION." Rapists were stalking the border with Mexico, and everything was Mexico's fault. As if this were not enough for the fearful, on top of Trumpmania, Pope Francis journeyed to "el Norte." Coming from "el Sur,"…

    Georgie Anne Geyer
  • Pope's World and the Real World

    Pope Francis's four-day visit to the United States was by any measure a personal and political triumph. The crowds were immense, and coverage of the Holy Father on television and in the print press swamped the state visit of Xi Jinping, the leader of the world's second-greatest power. While the…

    Pat Buchanan

    All three are reaching toward North American leadership, with Bush and Clinton running for president and Trudeau hoping to follow his father as prime minister in Canada's federal elections next month. The second and sixth presidents of the United States bore the name Adams, the ninth and 23rd…

    David Shribman

    In a more generous political climate, an adorable little girl who gave a letter and a hug to Pope Francis could make a difference. In an era with a more pragmatic Congress and a less Balkanized electorate, 5-year-old Sophie Cruz could break through the gridlock around immigration reform. Pope…

    Cynthia Tucker

    A true admirer might have recalled that the front-runner terrifying Republican insiders in the summer of 1979 –– was one Ronald Reagan. Which reminds me: Perhaps Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are soaring in the polls not because they're "outsiders," but because they're not dumb.

    Ann Coulter
  • Another Cynical Democratic "Citizenship USA" Voter Drive

    There's only one time when you can depend on the chronically backlogged, recklessly inefficient Department of Homeland Security to perform smoothly: election season. While hundreds of thousands of visa overstayers and deportation fugitives remain on the loose, federal bureaucrats at the U.S.…

    Michelle Malkin

    The welcome extended to Pope Francis in Cuba this week may have presented an acceptable entrance of the pontiff to the communist state, but in truth it was filled with historical discordance. There was President Raul Castro, long the highly respected "jefe" of the Cuban armed forces, wearing a…

    Georgie Anne Geyer
  • US and Catholicism in Crisis

    During the 1950s, the twin pillars of worldwide anti-communism were Dwight Eisenhower's America and the Roman Catholic Church of Pope Pius XII. During the 1980s, the last decade of the Cold War, Ronald Reagan and the Polish pope, John Paul II, were the pillars of resistance. When Pope Francis…

    Pat Buchanan

    Maybe the seeds of rebellion are planted here along with the corn, the soybeans, the oats, rye and wheat. Throughout the summer, there has been a storm of support here for Donald Trump, the unlikely (because billionaires seldom challenge the cultural and economic system that made them rich) but…

    David Shribman