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  • Social Media Erupts With Stunning Footage, Images of Volcano Blast

    When was the last time you saw someone get up close and personal with a volcano? Probably never, except through the eyes of film fantasy, television documentaries, or the occasional adventure video game. Shifting all fantasy aside, take a look at some impressive images and video of a volcano in…

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  • Four Things That Can Send Your Resume to the Trash

    We asked recruiting managers and career experts about resume errors that cause them to crumple and toss a resume - their answers may surprise you.

  • Tropical Storm Marie Spins Off Swell Images

    In the wake of Tropical Storm Marie, which is currently off the coast of Baja California and stretches more than 100 miles, many are feeling its negative effects. But one community has found immense pleasure in the force of Mother Nature's winds and waves. Many surfers in the Malibu area and other…

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  • Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy: Time to call Russia-Ukraine conflict a ‘war’

    With Russian forces apparently rolling across eastern Ukraine, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy told Yahoo News on Thursday that it is past time to call the escalating conflict a “war” and label Moscow’s actions an “invasion.”

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  • Couple Saves Chubby Prairie Dog from Hole in Road

    If you drive a car, you've seen roadkill on occasion. But how often do you actually see a "road rescue"? This save from danger might be one of a kind. A couple driving along a rural road on the Olkhon Island of Russia discovered a cute and chubby prairie dog in need of some immediate assistance.

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  • Boy Comically Protests Mother's Pregnancy News

    One of the biggest events in the life of a family is the arrival of a new child. It's almost always a very big deal for the expectant mother, as well as the friends and family members around her. Usually the announcement of the pregnancy is met with congratulatory feedback. But in the case of…

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  • Twitter Co-Founder on Women in Tech: “There’s a leadership crisis”

    Jack Dorsey knows code. The co-founder of Twitter and CEO of the mobile payments company Square, Dorsey has the perfect pedigree of a Silicon Valley programmer turned business mogul.

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • American Express Cards

    Earn Cash Back, Travel, or Points. Find the Card That's Right For You!

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  • Skaters Rip on California Terrain Transformed by Earthquake

    After what has been called the worst earthquake in the Bay Area in 25 years, the altered topography left by the 6.0 magnitude temblor that devastated residents in and around Napa and Sonoma in California last Sunday is being "torn up" by local skateboarders — but not in a destructive way. For…

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  • Dave Chappelle Returns to the Stage, Apologizes for Previous Walkout

    After his self-imposed hiatus from the entertainment industry, comedy legend Dave Chappelle has recently returned to the spotlight, performing at selected shows. He even went back to the Oddball Festival on Aug. 23 in Hartford, Conn., where he stunned audience members last year as he exited the…

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  • Burning Man Festival Explained

    Near the end of summer every year, about 100 miles north of Reno in the Nevada desert, tens of thousands of people gather for the Burning Man festival, an oasis for the most eclectic group of people on the planet.

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • Omaze: Give To Charity And Win A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

    What if I told you for as little as $10, you could win a chance to be an extra in the next "Star Wars" film or Uzo Aduba's, aka Crazy Eyes, VIP guest on the set of "Orange Is The New Black"? Well, thanks to Omaze, an online charity auction, you could!

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • Ebola Outbreak: Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

    Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf expressed joy today about the recovery of American missionaries Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric. "We want to thank them for the service that they have rendered our country. And I'm…

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • Koala Brought Back From Brink of Death With Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation, CPR

    Man, it was a rough night for this koala bear. It got hit by a car. Then fell from a tree. And then had to get CPR. Emergency crews in Melbourne, Australia, received a call on Thursday night about an injured marsupial. The koala had been hit by a vehicle while crossing a road and then scurried up…

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  • Rick Perry's Indictment

    For a politician facing two felony counts, Texas Governor Rick Perry certainly looked cheerful in his mug shot. On Tuesday, August 19, he appeared at an Austin courthouse to answer charges of abuse of power and coercion. After being booked and fingerprinted, he headed to a local burger joint for…

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Pledge $1 Million to DonorsChoose

    She's a philanthropist, mother and half of the world's most generous couple. Melinda Gates and her husband, Bill, have tackled numerous global issues through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since the foundation's inception in 2000, they have given over $30 billion dollars to fight disease,…

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  • James Foley’s Brother: The U.S. Could Have Done More for Jim

    For the first time since the Islamic militant group ISIL released the shocking video of the beheading of American journalist James Foley earlier this week, his brother and sister are speaking about their grief.

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • Family Turns 'Baby Got Back' Into Back-to-School Anthem

    "I like big busses I cannot lie!" Neither can the Holderness family as they rewrite the lyrics to Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" and make it about going back to school: buying supplies, filling up backpacks "round and big," and "making that healthy lunch." Former news anchor and TV host Penn…

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  • Man's Subway Stunt Lands Job Interviews, Internet Fame

    It can be challenging to get an interview for a new job, especially straight out of college. After applying for 300 jobs and not getting a single favorable response, one young man decided to take a different approach. Alfred Ajani, 22, stood in a London subway station during rush hour with a sign…

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