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  • GoPro Captures Man's Crazy Jump From Rooftop — But Is It Real?

    There are always daring people doing daring things for an Internet video, but this one takes things to new heights. Ethan Swanson of Illinois strapped on a GoPro camera and gave us a firsthand view of him jumping from one roof to another without the use of any ropes or safety net. He tumbled down…

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  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: From Brooklyn to U.S. Supreme Court Justice

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a legal pioneer, trailblazed her way during the 1950s and 1960s, a time when women were just beginning to make their mark in male dominated professions.TBA

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • 5 Questions That Will Not Get You Hired

    The wrong questions can tank even the best interview. Here are five questions you should never ask in a job interview.

  • Exclusive: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Hobby Lobby Dissent

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, fresh off a bruising loss in the Hobby Lobby birth control case last month, told Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric in an exclusive interview that she believes the male Supreme Court justices who voted against her have a "blind spot" when it comes to women.

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • TD Bank's 'Automated Thanking Machine' Surprises Customers With Gifts

    Usually, the only reasons a bank makes me cry are the outrageously high fees, but this video from TD Bank has given me the feels. In it, TD Bank set up an ATM, or in this case, an "automated thanking machine," at various locations across Canada.

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  • Nathan Pyle Shares Secrets For What To Do When You Zone Out During a Conversation

    How often do you get caught in a conversation that is going on and on to the point that you zone out? Then when you return from your little reverie, you don't know how to get back in. Or perhaps you don't have an answer to the dilemma that the other person is currently facing. Nathan Pyle of…

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  • Geraldo Rivera Causes Controversy: 'What a Woman Brings to a Marriage More Than Anything Else ... Is Her Youth'

    On Monday, Geraldo Rivera, no stranger to controversy, stirred things up again while appearing on the Fox News show "Outnumbered." In a segment on what 20-somethings really want in a marriage, the talk turned to the concept of "beta marriages," in which the union can be formalized or dissolved…

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  • Video shows young girl learning her baby brother will grow up...

    Young girl learns her adorable baby brother will grow up...

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  • Meowsachusetts: Where the cats play and dogs stay away

    Massachusetts is the cat's meow for feline lovers.

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  • $40-Off Limited Time Offer From Norton

    Award-winning PC protection that doesn't slow you down. Easy installation & money-back guarantee. Download today with our $40-off limited time offer.

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  • Edward Norton’s Mission to Help You Raise Money for A Good Cause

    Edward Norton is a Hollywood A-lister with memorable roles in "Primal Fear," "Fight Club" and "American History X." He's also a passionate philanthropist with an entrepreneurial spirit. After running the New York City Marathon for charity in 2009, he got the idea of developing an online platform…

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • Viner With Anti-Hater Spoons Shows Us How to 'Block Out the Haters'

    Brandon Bowen, 16 years old, is a self-proclaimed "professional fatty" and "amateur Viner" from Tifton, Georgia. He recently posted a vine with his unique approach to blocking out the haters. Brandon got the idea to use the spoons from a fellow churchgoer, and in the video above he gives me a…

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  • Texas Dad's Invention That Fills 100 Water Balloons in a Minute Inspires Robust Kickstarter Campaign

    Summer after summer of filling and knotting water balloons was taking the fun out of water balloon fights. So one Texas family took matters into their own hands and came up with a way to save time. After some experimentation, engineer Josh Malone and his kids came up with a prototype of a…

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  • The Battle For Ukraine

    When Malaysian Flight 17 was shot down over the skies of Ukraine, senselessly killing 298 innocent people, the regional conflict suddenly got the world’s attention. Until now, the situation there has been largely seen as a problem far away. For years, Ukraine has been a nation divided between…

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • Astronaut Tweets 'Saddest Photo' Orbiting Above Mideast Conflict

    German astronaut Alexander Gerstis midway through his six-month stay aboard the International Space Station. Gerst has tweeted a number of stunning images of the ISS, as well as of Earth as seen from space. The image he posted on Wednesday was by far his most retweeted photo, and its subject…

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  • Pit Bull Took Care of Chihuahua While Living on the Streets, Now They're Both Looking for a Home

    Joanie and Chachi are hoping for happy days — together. Joanie, a pit bull mix, was found last week in Savannah, Georgia, carrying Chachi, a Chihuahua mix, in her mouth. Chachi suffers from an eye infection; Jonie even licks Chachi's eye lovingly from time to time. Unfortunately, veterinarian…

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  • Over 100 million items. Its all here at

    Save big on appliances, apparel, lawn and garden, tools and more. For fun in the sun or a project in the shade, start your search at Sears.

  • How Science and Technology Can Help Make You Happier

    Can you really click your way to happiness? You've heard of Fitbit and FuelBand — high-tech ways to get physically fit. Now there are apps for "emotional fitness" and Happify is one of them. Happify is a digital tool that offers science-based games and activities to boost your level of happiness.

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • Gordon Brown: 100 days after #BringBackOurGirls, ‘We will not forget’

    Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told Yahoo News on Tuesday that the world must band together 100 days after the mass abduction of Nigeria schoolgirls to send the message that “we will not forget” the more than 200 children still in the clutches of extremists.

    Yahoo News with Katie Couric
  • Baby Orangutan Bonds With Surrogate Mom After Multiple Moves

    A six-month-old Bornean orangutan is taking small, sweets steps with his new, surrogate mom. Kecil, which means "little" in Indonesian, was born at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio then transferred to the Milwaukee County Zoo, where he still wasn’t able to adapt. He ended up at the Brookfield Zoo,…

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  • Police return ring 25 years after it went missing

    The ring had been missing since the late 1980s, and local police had to make a cross-country search to track down its rightful owner.

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  • George Harrison memorial tree killed by beetles

    A memorial tree planted in 2004 to honor the late musician was reportedly overrun by bark beetles, a common pest in Southern California.

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  • Fight Breaks Out During Live, Televised Debate

    When people are passionate about their position on politics, a debate can get very heated... Maybe turn into a hot enough brawl that chairs are thrown, and more. A live back-and-forth on Jordanian TV channel Josat put outspoken journalist Shaker al-Johari on one side of the spectrum and pro-Syrian…

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