From Osama to Skrillex: Facebook's Top Memes of 2011

From Osama to Skrillex: Facebook's Top Memes of 2011

Facebook has mined its rather sizable treasure trove of data and users to reveal what were the most talked about topics on the social network in 2011. Not surprisingly, Osama bin Laden's death in May was the most mentioned topic in people's status updates this year.

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The official Facebook Blog posted a chart yesterday of the top ten global topics, showing how they spiked relative to other conversation starters. According to their internal nubmers, on the day bin Laden's death was announced, 10 percent of all status updates in English mentioned his name. The Super Bowl, Charlie Sheen's meltdown, William and Kate's wedding, and the Call of Duty video game all garnered huge mentions as well.

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The blog post also highlights a few of the most popular memes of the year, such as planking — which saw a huge uptick over the summer before dying out — and the rise of new Facebook based acronyms like "lms" and "tbh." Short for "Like My Status," "lms" is the new way to order your followers to express their devotion, while "to be honest" is a way to warn them that you're about to drop some truth bombs. Apparently, the two are often combined into a single update, so that those express admiration for your status can then receive the pearls of your (brutally straightforward) wisdom.

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TBH ... it all sounds a little ridiculous. Check out Facebook's Facebook page for more "memeology."