Outbreak of Theft at 'Occupy Wall Street' -- The Beginning of the End?

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COMMENTARY | Along with the public filth, the drug abuse, the sleeping bag sex and the general craziness that has characterized Occupy Wall Street, it looks like a new problem has arisen. There has been an outbreak of thievery in Zuccotti Park.

One has difficulty working up a lot of sympathy for people whose modus operandi is the forcible redistribution of wealth from the filthy rich to the starving poor who have had their expensive lap top computers stolen. (Just as an aside, isn't Apple one of those evil corporations?) It is clear that income redistributionists of a different kind are getting into the spirit of socialism. They are helping themselves to all that computer equipment and cash that is just laying around for the taking.

One is particularly amused at the young security volunteer who whined, "Why people got to come here and do stupid stuff? All it does is make people not wanna come here anymore." One wonders if the guy knows what he sounds like. The people attending "Occupy Wall Street" are doing nothing but stupid stuff.

The whole Occupy Wall Street spectacle is starting to read like a segment from an Ayn Rand novel, in which what happens when socialists try to create a perfect society. It always ends badly.

One is concerned the outbreak of thievery is just the beginning. Disorder and chaos are the catalysts for crime. Once it is concluded that theft is acceptable, more serious crimes are sure to follow. One can see the various factions of Occupy Wall Street becoming frustrated with one another and the frustration turning into violence.

One thing that always occurs in revolutions of this sort is that it starts feeding on itself. Mayor Bloomberg of New York has been holding back from clearing the park of the occupiers because he is afraid of how bad it will look on TV. But how much worse is it going to get if the occupiers start to turn on one another? The police would have to intervene then and it will not be pretty.

Then the Autumn of Anxiety will end and become the Winter of Discontent. What that entails is hard to predict. But it promises to make 2012 the craziest election year since 1968.

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