Overly Attached Girlfriend Returns With Medley of Stalker Songs


She's back! The face of the meme has resurfaced with a lip-dubbed medley of popular songs that have lyrics sometimes deemed creepy.

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New YouTube sensation Laina Walker, however, makes the tunes even more frightening with with her over-the-top facial expressions and wide-eyed glares into the camera.

The 21-year-old takes on The Police's "Every Breath You Take," Backstreet Boys's "As Long As You Love Me," Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend," James Otto's "Just Got Started Lovin' You," Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" and Ke$ha's "Your Love Is My Drug."

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Both of Walker's previous videos went viral in June. In them, she rewrote the lyrics instead of lip-syncing.

Her has attracted more than 8 million views.

And her follow-up parody, has garnered 11.6 million views.

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