OWS Tactics Turn Violent with Attempted Cleveland Bridge Bombing

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COMMENTARY | The FBI deserves a massive pat on the back for thwarting the alleged Cleveland bridge bombing attempt. At least two of the self-proclaimed anarchists have ties to the Occupy Wall Street group, according to Facebook images attributed to the suspects posted on The Blaze. The five men seeking to adversely impact commerce could have killed thousands of Ohio citizens in the process. NewsNet 5 reported on the intricate FBI sting and noted additional plans by the suspects to cause harm to commercial interests in other major cities.

OWS protestors have the right to peacefully express their misguided opinions. But members of the far-left group pushing for violent action should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. If OWS hopes to be taken seriously, organizers must do more than whine about fewer government handouts and a lack of job opportunities. The reality show atmosphere does nothing to instill confidence or lend credibility to their complaints.

The May Day call to interrupt commerce as noted on The Blaze is counterintuitive to the complaints over a lack of jobs. The 99 percent of the American population the liberal group claims to represent is not served when their routes to work are blocked or offices vandalized. The angry protestors appear to lash out at anyone who has achieved the American dream. Juvenile antics that now appear to have taken on a violent tone will not create jobs or fix the failing housing market. A definitive goal or purpose for the protests continues to be muddled amid illogical actions and hate-filled rants.

A Wall Street Journal report on the attempted Cleveland bridge bombing notes the alleged domestic terrorists complained repeatedly the movement was not violent enough. The riotous frenzy created during OWS speeches appears to be causing the group to splinter into dangerous subgroups. According to FBI document excerpts, the Cleveland suspects were also considering toppling large bank roof signs from building in the downtown area. The signs would essentially have become weapons as they fell onto the heads of unsuspecting passersby below.

Local governments that chose not to arrest protestors for legal violations in the early months of the movement prompted the above-the-law mindset which now may cause potential harm to Americans simply trying to commute to work and earn a paycheck.

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