Parents Attempting to Ban Ice Cream from Park Are Misguided

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COMMENTARY | The "ice scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" song just took on a new meaning for New York children. Misguided liberal parents unwilling to use the word "no" are seeking to squelch the joy of others by banning treat vendors, according to the New York Post.

If a small group of Brooklyn parents has its way, the bell of the ice cream truck will ring no more in Prospect Park. The Park Slope Parents group is leading the charge to ban ice cream vendors from neighborhood public parks because they are tired of listening to children "throw tantrums" when refused a sweet treat by their parents.

Overwrought parents seeking to eradicate one of the traditional pleasures of childhood blame potential obesity and ruined park visits for their movement. Learning restraint and to take no for an answer is an important life lesson for children.

Parents who have not reinforced such bad behavior by giving in to tantrums on other occasions would not be locked in battle with their little ones at the park. The children kicking and screaming over a lost ice cream cone are the same ones making a scene at the mall when told no to a new toy. Should toy stores, food courts and mechanical ponies also be banned?

The obnoxious crying of children when told they cannot have an Italian ice or other treat are far more annoying than the chiming of an ice cream truck bell. The whining comments on the Park Slope Parents website would be laughable if they same adults were not in charge of rearing the next generation of Americans.

The parents should not be so concerned with a few extra calories which the children will burn off while playing at the park.
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