Penn State Alumni Town Hall Meetings Sold Out

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As reported in Penn State Live, Penn State Alumni will get a chance to have an audience with new Penn State President Rodney Erickson. Erickson took over the post when Graham Spanier was fired during the fallout from the Jerry Sandusky scandal, as reported by WNEP. As the Penn State Live report indicates, Erickson will visit Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York to hold town hall meetings for alumni.

What is the purpose of the town hall meetings? is reporting the meetings are being sponsored by the Penn State Alumni Association and the purpose is to address concerns alumni of the university have with regards to the present and unique challenge facing the school. In particular, the report mentions alumni concerns over the way Penn State handled the Sandusky abuse situation and the way the school parted ways with football coach Joe Paterno.

How do I get a reservation to attend one of the meetings?

The Patriot News is reporting around 600 people signed up for the meetings in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and more than 300 are scheduled to be in attendance at the New York event. The article also points out that the meetings are filled to capacity, although media will be allowed to attend the events. The CBS report is quick to point out that registration for the meetings was free.

What will the tone of the meetings be?

As a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette indicates the tone of the town hall meetings is expected to be somewhat awkward at best. The PG report mentions that while some supporters will undoubtedly be in the audience, Erickson should expect alumni with concerns and questions to be vocal during the question and answer sessions. One of the top questions on everybody's mind is how the school will mend its image and what steps are being taken to prepare for the future.

Besides Erickson who else is under scrutiny for the way PSU handled the Sandusky issue?

A Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article points out that the Penn State Board of Trustees is under fire for the way they group handled the entire Sandusky scandal. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article mentions that a meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for January 20, shortly afterward the Faculty Senate of PSU will consider a measure for a vote of no confidence in the board and potentially call for the resignation of all the current Trustees of the university.

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