Petco Not First Groomer to Glue on Lopped Dog Ear

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Gladys Kapuwai is suing an Oahu, Hawaii, Petco, claiming the dog groomer there cut off her dog Dodo's ear, then glued it with superglue to hide the evidence.

Kapuwai's attorney Michael Green knows how she feels. Petco similarly butchered his own dog, Gilzale. In Gilzale's case, it was the tail that was apparently lopped off by an errant groomer. Green said Petco offered a free grooming to compensate for the loss of his dog's tail and bleeding nails.

Kapuwai and Green aren't the first dog owners to encounter a dog groomer trying to evade responsibility for an accident by hiding it.

Seattle Dog Groomer Superglues Dog Ear

In 2007, a Seattle woman, Anni Sheriffius, took her dog Jasmine to a groomer and returned home to have the ear fall off, the Seattle Times reported. The dog acted traumatized for days; then when Sheriffius tried to bathe her pup, Jasmine's ear floated off. The vet told her he suspected the groomer lopped off the ear and glued it back on. The business, J'Rae's Professional Pet Grooming, shut down.

But, hiding the evidence of a grooming accident doesn't always mean gluing on lopped off parts.

Baton Rouge Groomer Sends Bloody Dog Home

WAFB reported in 2008 on a local groomer who sent a bloody dog home without mentioning the accident that caused the bleeding. When David Dayries wife picked up their Scottish Terrier Ozzy and brought him to the car, she realized she was covered in blood, he said. That's the first they knew of that student groomers accidentally cut him.

As gruesome as these accidents were, some dogs fared worse at the groomers.

Dogs Burned in Drying Kennels

Teresa Gilland sued Petco in July after her dog was fatally injured by the heat from a drying kennel. She told KFSN Sadie suffered internal burns and bleeding, characteristic of heatstroke, and nothing could be done to save her.

The same thing happened to Kim Etz' dog in Cordova, Tenn. WMCTV reported that Berryhill Animal Hospital left Angel in the dryer too long. Etz said Angel's coat got so hot the vet's hands burned when trying to remove the dog from the drying kennel.

"She basically burned alive…," Etz said.

Jacksonville Dog Groomer Kills Dog

In 2003, Associated Press said, Mark Goldstein, owner of Happy Pawz, was charged with cruelty to animals after allegedly killing Spike, a dog who came in for a haircut and bath. Spike had broken ribs and a bruised lung.

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