Pfeiffer: Legality of IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups 'Irrelevant' Because Behavior 'Inexcusable'

ABC News

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Dan Pfeiffer

This morning on "This Week," White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" that the legality surrounding the targeting of conservative groups by the Internal Revenue service is "irrelevant," but called the behavior "inexcusable."

"I can't speak to the law here. The law is irrelevant. The activity was outrageous and inexcusable, and it was stopped and it needs to be fixed so we ensure it never happens again," Pfeiffer said.

Stephanopoulos asked Pfeiffer if he really thought the law is "irrelevant."

"What I mean is, whether it's legal or illegal is not important to the fact that the conduct doesn't matter. The Department of Justice has said they're looking into the legality of this. The president is not going to wait for that. We have to make sure it doesn't happen again, regardless of how that turns out," Pfeiffer said.

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