Photos of Apple’s new entry-level iPhone supposedly leak

For the first time ever, Apple reportedly plans to debut two new iPhone models in 2013. One will be the iPhone 5S, which is expected to be an incremental update of Apple’s flagship iPhone 5. The second will supposedly be a brand new entry-level model with mid-range specs and a lower price point. The latter will be geared toward emerging markets by all accounts, and photos of the new device may have just leaked.

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Apple blog Apple.Pro on Monday published purported photos of Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPhone that were first posted on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. The images show a design similar to the old iPhone 3G, with a curved plastic back and a thicker body. The photos also show Apple’s new lightning cable plugged into the device, but no other information can be ascertained from the images.

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Of note, the device pictured in this new leak looks much different from the purported low-cost iPhone shell that leaked in April.

Apple’s iPhone 5S and the new low-cost iPhone are both expected to debut this fall. The leaked photos follow below.

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