Photos: Spring Flooding in West Michigan

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Photos: Spring Flooding in West Michigan

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This is the Grand River almost up to the highway.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- This spring has had more rain fall than needed and Grand Rapids has definitely been hit hard. More than 9.1 inches of rain has fallen in parts of western Michigan and the lakes and rivers have reached record levels and flooding due to the rain fall and melting snow.

This caused the flooding of many homes and businesses. They have been forced to either evacuate their homes or close the doors of their business. Grand Rapids and many other cities in west Michigan are in a state of emergency because of flash floods.

The flooding has closed roads, collected debris, damaged foundations of homes and business, caused sewer and sanitation problems and contaminated drinking water. By Tuesday, the flooding had reached its peak of 21.85 inches -- hit over the weekend -- and has started to move out to the outer lakes and rivers. But the water is still above the flood levels of 18 inches, which is also above the flood walls within the city.

The problems are far from over. Michigan has begun the clean-up process to help those affected. I have seen volunteers sacking bags of sand to help divert the flow of water from many homes and businesses. This shows how Michigan people help each other during calamities and a disaster arises.

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