7 Ways You Can Help Animals Right Now

Adopt From a Shelter

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Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and even wild animals like lions, bears, elephants … and every existing living animal in the world are not very different from you and I. They all have the right to live without fear of being hunted, tortured, or abused. In our own homes, there is a reason that so many of us animal lovers treat our pets in the same way we treat our children, and why many of us consider them part of our family. Like children, dogs and cats need our protection - period. They are fully dependent on us for food, good health, and safety. We have many battles to face in our stand for animal welfare, but it is wonderful to see world leaders finally calling attention to the care and protection of innocent animals. It is an issue that all of us should address. We can each do something to make the life of an animal better. Click through for 7 ways you can help animals right now! -By Danielle Sullivan

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