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  • Final Glance: Gold companies

    Shares of some top gold companies were down at the close of trading: Barrick Gold Corp. fell $.69 or 5.1 percent, to $12.83. Gold Fields fell $.12 or 3.2 percent, to $3.61. GoldCorp. fell $.92 or 4.1 percent, ...

  • Samsung seeks smartphone revamp to arrest profit slide

    By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday said it would revamp its smartphone line-up to take on competitors in the rapidly growing mid-to-low range segment, after third-quarter earnings set it on course for its worst year since 2011. The global smartphone leader's market share declined in annual terms for the third straight quarter in July-September, lagging Apple Inc in the premium market and overtaken by rivals like Lenovo Group Ltd and Xiaomi Inc at the bottom end, research firm Strategy Analytics said. ...

  • New clue to the mystery of Amelia Earhart?
    New clue to the mystery of Amelia Earhart?

    The hunt for Amelia Earhart's last whereabouts has consumed researchers, authors, filmmakers, and the public's imagination ever since the pioneer aviator vanished over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 while attempting to circumnavigate the globe.

  • Iraqi peshmerga fighters head for Syrian town of Kobani: senior Kurdish official

    ARBIL Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi peshmerga fighters left Iraq for the besieged Syrian town of Kobani on Tuesday to help fellow Kurds in their battle against Islamic State militants, a senior Kurdish official said. Hemin Hawrami, a senior official in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, wrote on his Twitter feed that peshmerga fighters were flying from Arbil airport to Turkey, from where they would travel by land to Kobani. U.S. ...

  • Wal-Mart and allies in face-off with Apple Pay over mobile payments

    By Nathan Layne and Nandita Bose CHICAGO (Reuters) - Suddenly it's Apple versus Wal-Mart in the fight for shoppers' digital wallets. With the development of a new mobile payment system, a group of retailers led by Wal-Mart Stores is aiming to upend the $4.5 trillion credit card market and control the precious transaction data generated at the checkout line. The difficulty of the task became clear this week when drugstore chains CVS Health Corp and Rite Aid , in a move apparently aimed at shoring up the retailers' pay system, stopped accepting payments on Apple Inc's iPhones. ...

  • Rocket explosion setback for commercial space
    Rocket explosion setback for commercial space

    CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. (AP) — Crews searched for scorched wreckage along the Virginia coast Wednesday in hopes of figuring out why an unmanned commercial rocket exploded in a blow to NASA's strategy of using private companies to fly supplies and, eventually, astronauts to the International Space Station.

  • FBI says it faked AP story to catch bomb suspect
    FBI says it faked AP story to catch bomb suspect

    SEATTLE (AP) — The FBI confirmed Tuesday it faked an Associated Press story to catch a bomb threat suspect in 2007, but now says it did not spoof a Seattle Times Web page as part of the investigation.

  • American couple held in Qatar speaks: 'We are being kidnapped'
    American couple held in Qatar speaks: 'We are being kidnapped'

    An American couple feels trapped and abandoned by the U.S. Government as they await a possible death sentence following the death of their daughter in the oil rich country of Qatar. Grace and Matthew Huang were accused of starving their adopted daughter Gloria to death almost two years ago. Since the tragic night of Gloria's passing, the Huangs have been jailed, separated from their other two children. Their lives are in the hands of a foreign government whose judicial process is mysterious and terrifying to them.They decided to share their story exclusively with Yahoo’s Global News Anchor Katie Couric.


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