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  • Final Glance: Gold companies

    Shares of some top gold companies were up at the close of trading: Barrick Gold Corp. rose $.13 or .8 percent, to $16.57. Gold Fields rose $.04 or .9 percent, to $4.45. GoldCorp. rose $.15 or .6 percent, ...

  • China police formally arrest Chan son in drug case
    China police formally arrest Chan son in drug case

    BEIJING (AP) — Police in Beijing have formally arrested the son of Hong Kong martial arts film star Jackie Chan on suspicion of allowing other people to consume drugs, a charge that carries a maximum sentence of three years' imprisonment, prosecutors said Wednesday.

  • Did Sears get gouged by its own CEO?
    Did Sears get gouged by its own CEO?

    Jeff Macke on the sweet deal Eddie Lampert received when lending $400 million to Sears

  • Scots' support for independence lags on eve of referendum
    Scots' support for independence lags on eve of referendum

    By Angus MacSwan and Guy Faulconbridge EDINBURGH (Reuters) - On the eve of Scotland's historic referendum, polls showed support for staying in the United Kingdom just ahead of backing for independence but tens of thousands of citizens were still agonizing over which way to vote on Thursday. Leaders and supporters of both sides took to the streets on Wednesday for a final day of campaigning in a country gripped by excitement and hope balanced by a strong measure of dread and concern. Voters will be asked to answer "Yes" or "No" to the question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?". ...

  • Here’s What Your Supermarket Will Look Like in 50 Years
    Here’s What Your Supermarket Will Look Like in 50 Years

    A New York-based food design agency has envisioned what your grocery store will look like in 2065, and you’ll only have to wait a year to find out. Whether it will focus on products resulting from sustainable agricultural practices or forgo packaging all together, two recent projects are showing that the supermarket of the future will respect the environment and be minimalist. Studio Industries is creating a physical pop-up grocery store through a project called the Future Market that will launch in New York City in the summer of 2015. Products will include limited varieties of single origin chips resulting from food manufacturers' embrace of crop rotation and other sustainable agricultural practices.

  • London's young techs find anti-immigrant mood a drag

    By Shadi Bushra LONDON (Reuters) - When Efe Cakarel picked London as a new base for his video streaming company, he was counting on its location, capital markets and infrastructure, but also on the city's reputation as a hub for talented people from Europe and beyond. Four years later, the 38-year-old entrepreneur has a half-dozen engineering vacancies that he says haven't been filled for nearly a year because of a local shortage of top-tier programmers. ...

  • NATO head: threats from Russia, Islamic State
    NATO head: threats from Russia, Islamic State

    BRUSSELS (AP) — NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Monday that members of the U.S.-led alliance must stand shoulder to shoulder to confront simultaneous security threats from Russia and the Islamic State extremist organization.


    DEAR ABBY: I'm a 15-year-old girl. When I'm with the high school group of kids at my church, I try to extend myself and talk, but they never reciprocate much. I always have to try to think of something to say and be careful I don't embarrass myself. Especially around guys, I feel awkward and self-conscious. I feel OK about myself, but I still get nervous. Other girls find things to talk about to each other but not me, and guys never talk to me first, either. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or being too careful. I'm an only child. ...


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