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  • Venomous Snakebite Captured in a Photo
    Venomous Snakebite Captured in a Photo

    When a biologist doing fieldwork in the Sri Lankan rainforest ventured to photograph a seldom-seen snake species, a rare sight was inadvertently captured on camera: the exact moment the venomous snake bit, striking him on the hand. The incident occurred in January 2014, in a nature reserve in southern Sri Lanka where the man found two specimens of the snake, called the Sri Lankan keelback. "He strongly believed that the bite of this snake would not cause any envenoming," the doctors and other team members who treated the man at University of Peradeniya and Base Hospital in Sri Lanka wrote in their report, published online Nov. 6 in the journal Toxicon. The Sri Lankan keelback does not have front fangs, which is likely why the man assumed that "the snake wasn't a big deal," said Dr. Scott Weinstein, a toxinologist and snakebite expert at Women's and Children's Hospital in North Adelaide, Australia, who was not involved in the case report.


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