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  • Final Glance: Railroad companies

    Shares of some top railroad companies were down at the close of trading: CSX fell $.21 or .7 percent, to $30.52. Canadian National Railway Co. fell $.77 or 1.1 percent, to $67.58. Canadian Pacific Railway ...

  • Here’s what could force a Social Security overhaul — and soon
    Here’s what could force a Social Security overhaul — and soon

    A program that funds disability payments will soon run short of money.

  • Why 16GB Smartphones Are the Biggest Rip-off in Tech

    The other day, I hit a huge wall with my iPhone a wall so big I couldn't upgrade to the latest version of iOS. True, I cheaped out and bought the lowest-capacity 16GB iPhone 5s last September, but at the time, I didn't want to spend an extra $100 for the 32GB model. Want to know how much smartphone makers pay for that 16GB worth of extra capacity?

  • In Argentina, Mix of Money and Politics Stirs Intrigue Around Kirchner

    RIO GALLEGOS, Argentina—During the 11 years that Argentine President Cristina Kirchner and her husband Néstor Kirchner have dominated national politics, they accumulated a small fortune. Between 2003, when Mr. Kirchner was elected president, and 2010, when he died, the couple's net worth rose from $2.5 million to $17.7 million, according to their annual filings with the federal anticorruption office. A lot of people in Argentina want to know where that money came from.

  • U.S., Europe impose tough new sanctions on Russia
    U.S., Europe impose tough new sanctions on Russia

    President Barack Obama has announced new economic sanctions against key sectors of the Russian economy in the latest move by the U.S. to force Russian President Vladimir Putin to end his support for Ukrainian rebels.

  • Pesky pig that scared kids on Maine trail captured

    OAKLAND, Maine (AP) — An 80-pound domestic pig that chased children and adults on a walking trail in Maine during three weeks of freedom has been nabbed.

  • NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Breaks Off-World Driving Record
    NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Breaks Off-World Driving Record

    NASA's Opportunity rover on Mars has now boldly gone farther than any vehicle has before on the surface of another world, space agency officials announced today (July 28). As of Sunday (July 27), the Opportunity rover has driven 25.01 miles (40.2 kilometers) on the Red Planet, NASA officials said. "Opportunity has driven farther than any other wheeled vehicle on another world," Opportunity project manager John Callas, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said in a statement. "This is so remarkable considering Opportunity was intended to drive about one kilometer and was never designed for distance.

  • 3 sites make shortlist for new FBI headquarters

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Bureau of Investigation would move its headquarters from a storied, decades-old home in the nation's capital to a new location in the suburbs under a federal government proposal released Tuesday.


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