Five things pope emeritus will be giving up

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On Thursday, the Vatican also announced that Benedict has decided to continue wearing a "simple white cassock," or ankle-length robe, a colour which is reserved for the pope. But he will be giving up the mozzetta, the short, elbow-lentgh cape that covers the pope's shoulders. "There is a lot of history and tradition when it comes to papal clothing, papal attire," Dennis said. White is meant to symbolize purity and holiness. It also symbolizes "that the person who assumes the office of the pope is not chosen merely by a group of men, a group of cardinals, that he is chosen in a providential way," Dennis said. Some Vatican officials had previously suggested that Benedict would wear the red of cardinals or the black garb of an ordinary priest after he retired, instead of the papal white. (Getty photo) (Getty Images)

Since the surprise announcement that Pope Benedict XVI is retiring, details have slowly emerged about what sort of life the former pontiff will live after his time as head of the Catholic Church is over.

When the pope retires, he will have to give up a number of his ecclesiastical goods, including many that are steeped in the history and symbolism of the Church such as his papal ring and red shoes.

Here is a look at five items Benedict will be giving up when he enters retirement.

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