Gun owners write about t

Gun owners write about their guns
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By Jeff Briscoe Though not a firearms enthusiast, I am a passionate believer in the Second Amendment and supporter of the National Rifle Association. A father to three children, I am ever mindful of equally compelling responsibilities of protecting my kids and ensuring my home never offers unreasonable risks for younger inhabitants. As such, I'm a gun owner who values its potential in defending my family, but strongly considers firearms safety. In my own childhood, only a few decades ago, the world appeared safer to many. Perhaps this belief was naive, but I was thus not raised around firearms. We didn't hunt or take father-son trips to a shooting range. Video games and summer camp archery were the closest I got to target practice. Developing new values in a world where violence became more of a reality, I quickly appreciated the benefits guns provide. Many do hunt, collect antique weapons, or enjoy marksmanship. Though still not embracing such passions, following careful research, I purchased a small .22 caliber handgun for personal protection when our first child was born in 2002. Thankfully, I have never fired my Ruger pistol in fear. However, I practice shooting, keep the gun properly maintained, and occasionally reach for it when a noise awakens my family. Such reasonable rights must be preserved, and I hope my children eventually value them. Finally, because gun safety is an equal priority, that weapon resides in a locked safe beside my bed. This ensures reliable and ready access, but only by my wife and me.
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