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Now-a-days, everyone and anyone who can sew and stitch is called a fashion designer.

The free use and abuse of this term is what has led to the increase in the number of so called ‘designers’ and a decline in the quality of designs. Nonetheless, there exists true talent out there, breathing, thriving and marking its territory of original innovation. We like to address the possessors of this talent as ‘Fashion Artists’, because they don’t just manufacture garments, they ideate and create. Their vision of beauty is what shapes fabrics and results in the conception of costumes of art. We are not romanticising the work fashion designers do, but we are exploring the idea of them as artists; the one’s whose art is by far the most accessible to the layman and which seeps into the society, straight from the ramp to the local store (and eventually the duplicates of which adorn road side stalls).

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