Misconceptions About PTSD Hinder Veteran's Job Hunt

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Misconceptions About PTSD Hinder Veteran's Job Hunt
By Brian Watson, Georgia

I have been looking for work with local newspapers, in retail, and for security positions. After being medically retired from the Army in 2010, I was unemployed for 10 months and it seemed that no one was going to hire me.

Now I am unemployed because I had to move due to a family illness in the past two weeks. I went from Greensboro, Ga., to Savannah, Ga., and have applied at seven different jobs -- with no interviews as of yet.

I believe it is harder for veterans to get hired. Employers and managers are more afraid of how veterans will react to stressful situations because of the fear of post traumatic stress disorder. I know this happens: I have been asked in job interviews and by managers about PTSD.

It's clear they are uneasy about and wary of PTSD, but there's a misconception about what PTSD really is and how it affects employees. Maybe an awareness course about PTSD would help employers better understand PTSD, and perhaps this would help more veterans who are looking for work.
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