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By Kimberly Steele I am an intelligent, motivated and educated person. I have been looking for a decent job for three years. I have worked briefly, but was laid off from one job and fired twice. I have no way of providing for my family. I get food stamps and $500 per month in unemployment. I can't even get an interview for part-time customer service jobs. I have applied for hundreds of jobs in the last few months. I can't do anything for my children and doing things for myself, like getting my hair done, is a thing of the past. I live in sweats and don't go out because I don't have any clothes, and I'm ashamed of the way I look. I feel like I'm no longer a member of society. My fiancé is also out of work and making the $2,400 per month for rent seems impossible. We have six kids between us who need us. Is this our new normal?
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