Open Society unveils 'Moving Walls 21' – Exploring the 'broader context' through photography

Open Society unveils 'Moving Walls 21' – Exploring the 'broader context' through photography

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'The winter 2014 installment of the Open Society Foundations’ documentary photography exhibition series comes at a time when photography is becoming a regular mode of information sharing for many throughout the world. The medium is in a constant state of expansion and redefinition as new tools and technologies emerge.
In this context, citizen and professional photographers alike are seizing on new opportunities, but are also grappling with how to tell distinct and meaningful stories. Amidst the constant and cacophonous stream of visual information, how can a person capture the attention of others for longer than it takes to digest a single Instagram or Snapchat image?
While eyewitness visual accounts uploaded and shared by ordinary citizens provide a wealth of first-hand information and personal perspective, what does a seasoned photographer add to our understanding of global events and injustices?

In contrast to the immediacy of images shared in real time, documentary photographers often commit to stories long term, creating narratives that have nuance and depth, and often challenge our assumptions or expand our knowledge. These stories explore the broader context and personal impact of global realities that we often only glimpse on the front page of a newspaper or a social media feed.
The photographers in Moving Walls 21 continue this tradition. Each considers how to visually represent an issue in a way that provides a new perspective on a story or place.' (Open Society Foundations)

'Moving Walls 21' features the work of: Shannon Jenson, Diana Markosian, Mark Leong, Nikos Pilos and João Pina. The exhibit is open to the public at Open Society Foundations–New York from January 28th - October 3rd.

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