Oregon man seeks a mate by wearing a Wife Wa

Oregon man seeks a mate by wearing a Wife Wanted sign
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Sandy McCulloch, a Corvallis, Oregon 82-year-old wears a paper sign around his neck that reads, “WANTED: A WIFE.” His low-tech message describes that he’s searching for a companion over the age of 60 who loves books, has a sense of humor, and lives in Corvallis. The idea for McCulloch’s sign came from a conversation he had with a hospital greeter. When waiting to have coffee with his friend, a hospital minister, he was asked by the greeter if she could help him with anything. In jest, the octogenarian said, she could help him find a wife. The greeter suggested he wear a sign on his chest to advertise his search since there were many single women working at the hospital. The single man only took the suggestion seriously after talking over days later with another greeter. McCulloch attracted attention after wearing the sign at his local deli, and plans to wear it while at the city library, the hospital lobby, and Starbucks. Considering the publicity, he says, "I'm not greedy, I just need one wife! In all honesty, I don't know if this will lead to anything. If nothing else, it has been a lot of fun."
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