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In this picture taken June 14, 2012 a German soldier watches the salvage of a big part of the fuselage of a WWII nazi plane at Sassnitz, Baltic Sea, eastern Germany. It looked like a Stuka, partly buried in the muck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, but researchers now say the wreck German military divers have been recovering for the past week is a totally different -  but nearly as rare  - World War II aircraft. German Military Historical Museum spokesman Capt. Sebastian Bangert said FridayJune 15, 2012  that enough of the plane has now been recovered to make clear it is not a single-engined JU87 Stuka divebomber, but a twin-engine JU88 aircraft. The two Junkers planes shared several parts -  including the engines on many models -  and from the way it lay in the seabed Bangert says it appeared to have been a JU87.   But now that a wing section is up, he says it's clearly the larger JU88.   (AP Photo/dapd/ Jens Koehler)

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