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This image created by Tor Wager of the University of Colorado, Boulder shows regions of the "neurologic pain signature," a standard map that can be applied to individual people who may be experiencing pain. The map was developed based on heat pain applied to a group of participants' forearms. Activity in yellow-colored areas is predictive of higher levels of pain, and activity in blue-colored areas is predictive of lower levels of pain. In a provocative new study, scientists reported Wednesday, April 10, 2013 that they were able to “see” pain on brain scans and, for the first time, measure its intensity and tell whether a drug was relieving it. Though the research is in its early stages, it opens the door to a host of possibilities. Scans might be used someday to tell when pain is hurting a baby, someone with dementia or a paralyzed person unable to talk. They might lead to new, less addictive pain medicines. (AP Photo/University of Colorado, Boulder, Tor Wager)

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