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This June 17, 2013 provided by Heritage Auctions, shows a close-up of the leg irons that were placed on John Brown shortly after his arrest at Harper’s Ferry, W.Va. The irons are stamped “ER” in two places. The initials “ER” stand for Elijah Rickard, a well-known locksmith who operated out of Shepherdstown, Virginia. believed to be those used on John Brown during his incarceration at the Charlestown, W.Va., jail following his arrest during the raid at Harper's Ferry W.Va. John Brown's capture of the Federal Arsenal at Harper's Ferry on Oct. 17, 1859 as part of a failed attempt to incite a slave uprising is seen by most historians as the spark that ignited the Civil War. They have been passed down in the family of John Boling, of Idaho, for six generations, after being obtained by a decedent shortly after Brown’s execution. They are expected to bring more than $10,000 when they come up for auction on June 22, 2013. (AP Photo/Heritage Auctions)

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