Revisions of the painting 'Cast of a Few, Courage of a Nation'

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'Cast of a Few, Courage of a Nation' - Final Corrected Version

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This painting, “Cast of a Few, Courage of a Nation,” shows a Russian-built Mi-17 helicopter, modified by the CIA, flying cash, food, and equipment to an agency team in Afghanistan shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Note the tail number. See the strange red “star” in the upper left-hand corner, representing airborne support for teams on the ground. Now look carefully at the AK-47 strapped to the back of the operative shaking hands under the rotor.

Not long before the painting was revealed, an astute observer noted that it showed the barrel of the AK-47 pointing up – an absolute no-no when under a helicopter’s rotor. The artist scraped the original assault rifle off the painting, then replaced it with one with the barrel pointing at the ground.

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Here's a look at the revisions.

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