Spring Break

Vacay Gone Cray Cray: Sir Ouch! Spring break in Cancun, 2008, my group of friends and girlfriend went out on the town to Senor Frogs. It was packed to the brim with sweaty drunk tourists and locals. The electricity went out and everyone had to squeeze out to the street. On the way out a random drunk guy was trying to enter but the bouncer said “NOOOO WRONG WAY.” The belligerent man tried to fight the bouncer and ended up getting more than he asked for. On the crowded sidewalk in front of a huge audience the bouncer hit him in the face with a PVC pipe and the sound was sound loud it sounded as if he was hit by a vehicle. A bus passed by at the same exact time so everyone thought the guy was hit by the bus. In the midst of the commotion and chaos, my girlfriend fainted/passed out at the sight of this. No one was prepared to catch her so she fell backwards and ended up hitting her head, ensuing a concussion. Next step was to get back to the resort and call a doctor. This lead to a night of arguing amongst chaperones and anxiety. But otherwise was a great spring break! 10/10 would go again. Also, turns out the guy who was hit by the bouncer was on our plane a few days later back to the states! Along with good memories, this kid left with a gruesome scar down his entire side of his face. - Luke C. 

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