Stasi Secret Police Museum in Berlin

Stasi Secret Police Museum in Berlin

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The Stasi secret police headquarters in Berlin has been transformed into a museum. State surveillance is a highly sensitive subject in a country haunted by memories of eavesdropping by the Stasi secret police in East Germany where Chancellor Angela Merkel grew up. Merkel said on Thursday she had made it clear to U.S. President Barack Obama that spying on allies is not acceptable.

As a diplomatic row rages between the United States and Europe over spying accusations, state-backed Deutsche Telekom wants German communications companies to cooperate to shield local internet traffic from foreign intelligence services.

Yet the nascent effort, which took on new urgency after Germany said on Wednesday that it had evidence that Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone had been monitored, faces an uphill battle if it is to be more than a marketing gimmick. (Reuters)

Some of the images for this slide show were generously provided by Egor Egorov. Visit Egor's web site here, which includes a fascinating photo tour of Chernobyl from 1998.

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