Study finds Haiti aid largely went to

Study finds Haiti aid largely went to US groups
Associated Press

In this March 15, 2013 photo, Haiti's national flag flies outside parliament which was renovated by Chemonics International Inc., a for-profit international development company based in Washington D.C., in downtown of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A new report on American aid to Haiti in the wake of that country's devastating earthquake finds much of the money went to U.S.-based companies and organizations while just 1 percent went directly to Haitian companies. The obstacles blocking Haitian businesses from the contracts are many: they're often not competitive because they may not be able to get the financing they need from local banks, and smaller firms also lack the resources to prepare time-consuming applications and pay for the lobbyists and lawyers needed to win contracts. (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery)

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