Stunning earth features seen from space

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This image provided by NASA shows a photo acquired March 16, 2011 of the Sulzberger Ice Shelf showing the iceberg calving event associated with the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami that occurred on March 11, 2011. An earthquake off the coast of Japan caused massive waves to explode out from its epicenter. Swells of water swarmed toward an ice shelf in Antarctica, 8,000 miles (13,600 km) away, and about 18 hours after the earthquake occurred, those waves broke off several chunks of ice that together equaled about two times the surface area of Manhattan. According to historical records, this particular piece of ice hadn't budged in at least 46 years before the tsunami came along. (AP Photo/European Space Agency via NASA)

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From rock formations to bright lights, a collection of stunning photos of earth from space.

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