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  • Fireball lights up night sky over eastern U.S

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A blazing meteor lit up the night sky like fireworks across a dozen eastern U.S. states and prompted almost 160 sighting reports, the American Meteor Society said on Monday. The meteor entered the Earth's atmosphere over central Pennsylvania late on Sunday and wowed observers from Virginia to Massachusetts in a "random fireball event," society spokesman Mike Hankey said. Most of those who reported the fireball on the American Meteor Society website said it began as a brilliant white color and then turned yellow, green and orange. ...

  • Gymnast rumored linked to Putin leaves parliament

    MOSCOW (AP) — Alina Kabayeva, the Olympic gold gymnast whose relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin is the subject of wide speculation, is resigning from her seat in the national parliament.

  • Official: Suspect identified in police ambush
    Official: Suspect identified in police ambush

    Pennsylvania State Police have identified a suspect in the killing of a trooper and the critical wounding of another outside a rural barracks, a law enforcement official said Tuesday.

  • UN panel emphasizes Assad role in Syria war crimes
    UN panel emphasizes Assad role in Syria war crimes

    GENEVA (AP) — As nations mount an offensive against the Islamic State militants that have gained a stronghold in Iraq and Syria, a U.N. human rights commission emphasized Tuesday that Syrian President Bashar Assad's government has committed the bulk of atrocities in the civil war.

  • Islamic State supporter warns of attacks against U.S.: SITE
    Islamic State supporter warns of attacks against U.S.: SITE

    BEIRUT (Reuters) - A supporter of Islamic State militants has warned of attacks on the United States and its allies if they continue to carry out military action against the group that has seized large parts of Iraq and Syria, the SITE monitoring service said. The message on a well-known militant Islamist online forum is one of the few responses from supporters of Islamic State to Washington's announcement last week that it was prepared to extend airstrikes against the group into Syria. ...

  • U.N. says Palestinians, Israelis reach deal on Gaza reconstruction

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United Nations, Israel and the Palestinian Authority have reached a deal to allow reconstruction work to begin in the war-torn Gaza Strip with U.N. monitoring of the use of materials, U.N. Middle East envoy Robert Serry said on Tuesday. Serry told the U.N. Security Council that the United Nations had brokered the deal "to enable work at the scale required in the strip, involving the private sector in Gaza and giving a lead role to the Palestinian Authority in the reconstruction effort, while providing security assurances through U.N. ...

  • Iraq's Vatican Ambassador Says ISIS Will Go After the Pope
    Iraq's Vatican Ambassador Says ISIS Will Go After the Pope

    Pope Francis has rejected additional security for his trip to Albania, a spokesman said, despite warnings that ISIS has made him a target.

  • 3rd Room of Ancient Greek Tomb Revealed
    3rd Room of Ancient Greek Tomb Revealed

    Archaeologists say they've had a peek inside another room in a monumental ancient tomb in Greek Macedonia that is believed to date back to the era of Alexander the Great. The ongoing excavations at the Kasta Hill burial mound in Amphipolis — about 65 miles (104 kilometers) east of Thessaloniki — have generated excitement and speculation over what (and whom) archaeologists might find inside. In August, archaeologists revealed two broken sphinxes at the entrance to the burial complex. The archaeologists, led by Katerina Peristeri, have said they believe the tomb dates back to the late fourth century B.C. and has the characteristics of a work by Dinocrates, Alexander the Great's chief architect.


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