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Voters' presidential picks
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By Kerry Box, Abilene, Texas As an American, it is great to be free. I am free to do what I like, and say what I feel. As a human being, I appreciate and adore such things as honor, respect, and compassion. This is the reason I choose Barack Obama, as he is a true fellow member of the human race, and someone who does truly "walk the walk." We, the little people, know President Obama is there for us. As a nation full of little people, the 99 percent, we keep the nation running. We man the fast-food joints, we fix the plumbing and pave the streets, and we matter. This is why I cannot support Mitt Romney, a candidate that claims to be a Christian, but would take away a single, working mother's food stamps, cut a physically disabled full-time student's Medicaid, and make mean-spirited remarks in an attempt to damage other people's reputations just to get ahead. We need a little less religion and greed, and a lot more humanity. The 99 percent and even the other 1 percent all need it.
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