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By Mark Donald Ryan Stern, Dallas Reagan glibly asked, "Are you better off today?" and instituted Reaganomics where spending money would fix any problem. Now, as President Obama tries to dig us out of W's hole, Romney is again suggesting that Reaganomics will fix the national debt (without ever telling us how the math works on spending more than you take in as income): tax the multimillionaires less; cut social spending; increase military spending. It did not work then and it will not work now. So, I will be voting for Obama for a second term. I have learned from history. It took Franklin Roosevelt 16 years to get us out of the Great Depression. It will take President Obama longer than four years to repair the damage done since Carter left office. I encourage you to read the Republican and Democratic platforms. I've linked to them above. I think that with the focus on economics, that you too will be frightened by the social agenda of the Republican Party.
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