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  • Nasdaq stocks posting largest percentage decreases

    A look at the 10 biggest percentage decliners on Nasdaq at the close of trading: Brightcove Inc. fell 37.9 percent to $6.38. Silicon Laboratories Inc. fell 14.4 percent to $40.04. Informatica Corp. fell ...

  • Ukraine rebels go to the museum -- for WWII tanks and cannons
    Ukraine rebels go to the museum -- for WWII tanks and cannons

    Visiting a museum may be the last thing on the minds of hardened insurgents in east Ukraine, but a group of them turned up at one in Donetsk -- only to make off with a World War II tank and two howitzers.

  • When Staples Offers Items for a Penny, New York Buys Kleenex by the Pound
    When Staples Offers Items for a Penny, New York Buys Kleenex by the Pound

    Staples Inc. made the State of New York quite a promise: Buy your office supplies from us, and we'll sell you a bunch of things for a penny apiece. "We ordered things we didn't even need," said Nancy Sitone, manager of office services at United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Suffolk Inc. "I have some products up the yin-yang." Staples was named New York's official office-supplies vendor in May 2013. To win the three-year contract, Staples agreed to sell 219 popular items at a penny apiece.


    DEAR ABBY: Is it acceptable to bring a teacup-sized dog to a wedding? The excuse was, "Well, the wedding was at the beach." The pre-dinner and dancing were inside a high-end resort on the beach. The dog was taken inside these establishments. After a guest -- a family member of the dog's owner -- asked the owner to remove the animal because the occasion was not about her and her dog but the bride and groom's day, the owner put the dog in a carrying case and the dog returned to the wedding for the rest of the night. ...

  • Russian Newspaper Issues Front-Page Apology for Flight MH17
    Russian Newspaper Issues Front-Page Apology for Flight MH17

    Left-leaning Russian publication Novaya Gazeta Russia (New Gazette Russia) made it very clear how they felt about Russia's involvement in the MH17 disaster. The front page of today's paper boasted the bold headline: "Forgive Us, Netherlands" in Dutch, and in smaller letters underneath the same message in Russian.  People thought they were dolls and it was babies!" On the opposite side of the page, "Holland met the deceased in silence," with the photography description as, "Netherlands C-130 and Australian C-17 delivered from Ukraine the first forty coffins with remains of the victims of crash Malaysia Airlines." In this case, Novaya Gazeta more boldly calls it a "crash," though "shooting" still does not appear in any headlines.  This headline is as bold as the front page: "Russians will understand they may become outlaws." For many in the country who may not have access to international publications, Novaya Gazeta shows exactly how the rest of the world sees Russia in light of this tragedy and Kremlin's subsequent denial of any involvement. 

  • Divorce sheds light on Michael Moore's wealth
    Divorce sheds light on Michael Moore's wealth

    Oscar-winning director Michael Moore, famous for documentaries challenging capitalism, has divorced his wife of 22 years following a civil court proceeding in Michigan that drew attention to his wealth. "'Kathleen and Michael have mutually and amicably reached a divorce settlement'," read a posting this week on Moore's Facebook page, confirming his split from Kathleen Glynn, 56. Moore -- whose films include "Fahrenheit 9/11," "Bowling for Columbine" and "Capitalism: A Love Story" and whose net worth has been estimated at $50 million -- filed for divorce a year ago. He is currently busy finalizing the 10th edition of his Traverse City film festival in Michigan, opening Tuesday.

  • 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Debuts
    'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Debuts

    It's finally here – the first trailer for "Fifty Shades Of Grey"!

  • Nigeria fears as man falls ill with Ebola-like symptoms
    Nigeria fears as man falls ill with Ebola-like symptoms

    A Liberian man has been hospitalised in Lagos with Ebola-like symptoms, but it is not yet clear if he is infected with the killer virus, Nigerian officials said Thursday. The 40-year-old Monrovia resident arrived in Nigeria's mega-city on Sunday and was admitted to hospital on Tuesday suffering from severe vomiting and diarrhoea, said Yewande Adesina, the special advisor on health for the Lagos state government. The patient was "detained for possible Ebola infection while blood samples were sent to the Virology Reference Laboratory in Lagos as well as to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Dakar," she said.


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