Poland to increase use of coal for energy

Poland to increase use of coal as source of energy by boosting major power plant

Associated Press

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Poland's prime minister says the country will increase its use of coal as a source of energy because it is in large supply and would help reduce dependence on imports.

Donald Tusk made the comments Thursday at the Opole power plant, which is to add two new production units to its existing four. Construction should start in the summer.

Poland's state-owned miner, the Coal Company, supplies the plant and has signed a new deal. Tusk said the deal was a "step toward energy security" and would create badly-needed jobs.

The nation's continued reliance on black coal is considered an obstacle in global climate talks that aim to reduce the use of the fossil fuel.

Poland recently reduced hopes for a boom in shale gas production following initial exploration tests.

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