Poll: 9 Out of 10 Gun Owners Support Background Checks

The Atlantic

A new poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS News says that one of the most popular initiatives being pushed by gun control advocates is pretty popular among gun owners too. One of the key legislative proposals made by President Obama yesterday—it was the first one he mentioned during his announcement speech—is that background checks should be required for any and all gun purchases, ending loopholes that allow some gun buyers to pick up weapons at shows where checks are currently not required. According to the poll, that particular idea enjoys almost universal support. North, South, Democrat, Republican, gun abolitionists, or even members of the NRA—every groups stood solidly behind it.

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Only seven percent of those who were asked are against the idea of universal background checks, and 90 percent of current gun owners are in favor of them. Opinions quickly diverge on other issues, however. Around 75 percent of respondents from all backgrounds actually side with the NRA on the issue of increased security at schools, agreeing that more armed police and guards could help prevent school shootings. 

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The Times says they will release the full results from the survey on Thursday evening.

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