Poll: People overwhelmingly prefer iOS 7 design to iOS 6

iOS 7 Design Poll
iOS 7 Design Poll

Apple’s new iOS 7 software features major renovation in a number of areas, but the most apparent changes relate to the operating system’s new user interface. While the general iOS user experience is maintained in iOS 7, the graphics that have defined the platform for the past six years have been replaced by flatter, more minimalistic design elements. So, what do people think of the new look?

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A new series of polls created using Input Factory’s “Polar” app presented users with design elements from iOS 6 alongside their iOS 7 counterparts and asked them to vote for their preference. Thankfully for Apple, users overwhelmingly chose graphics from iOS 7 over the older look of iOS.

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The voting was relatively close in a few cases but more often than not, iOS 7 was chosen over iOS 6 by a fairly substantial margin. Of course, a similar poll conducted with the Polar app found that users prefer Apple’s iOS 7 icons to the old iOS 6 icons nearly 2 to 1, so we’re not sure what to think.

The full results of the Polar iOS 7 design polls can be found on Input Factory’s Polar site, which is linked below.

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