New Poll Shows Strong Showing for Gov. Bob McDonnell

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A new poll from Quinnipiac shows that Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell holds a strong job approval rating, at 53 percent to 26 percent disapproval.

The Republican governor is in his final year in office and, according to the pollsters, McDonnell is the only Republican office-holder in seven states to have positive ratings among women and black voters.

Here's a closer look at McDonald's polling numbers and what may come next after his term in office has expired.

* The governor's approval rating among women is at 48 percent with women while 26 percent disapprove. Fifty-nine percent of men approve of his job performance and 27 percent don't.

* Even among young people, he has a high approval rating. Among 18- to 34-year-olds, he's at 48 percent approving to 24 percent disapproving.

* The only group polled that holds a negative opinion of the governor is Democrats. Only 34 percent have a positive opinion of the governor, while 43 percent are against. 23 percent don't hold an opinion.

* When asked their general opinion of the governor, 42 percent had a favorable opinion and 22 percent unfavorable. Thirty-four percent hadn't heard enough to make a decision and 2 percent refused to answer the question.

* In general, Virginians are satisfied with how things are going in the state. Ten percent were very satisfied and 57 percent somewhat satisfied with the state's direction. Twenty-two percent were somewhat satisfied and 11 percent very dissatisfied.

* McDonnell is term-limited to a single four-year term by Virginia law, though a governor may serve a second term so long as it is not successive as noted by The next gubernatorial election will be held in 2013.

* Sen. Mark Warner, also a former Virginia governor, is up for re-election in 2014 and a matchup between Warner and McDonnell is a possibility.

* In a hypothetical matchup between McDonnell and Warner, Public Policy Polling indicated that Warner would best McDonnell 50 percent to 37 percent. However, that poll was conducted in May.

* Another possibility may be that Warner runs for his second term as governor in Virginia in 2013.

* As noted by the Washington Post, Warner may face a primary with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli if he wants the office. Cuccinelli has said in the past that he planned to run for re-election, but in an interview with the Post, Cuccinelli noted that he may run for that office.

Shawn Humphrey is a former contributor to The Flint Journal and lives near Washington in Germantown, Md.

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