New Polls Show Biden Did His Job

Presidential Poll Roundup - Oct. 16

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New polls released just hours before the third presidential debate show that Vice President Joe Biden got the job done last week, halting President Barack Obama's free-fall in the polls. The president's numbers appear to have bottomed out just in time for the third debate, scheduled to take place tonight at Hofstra University on Long Island. If Mitt Romney can pull off another performance like the first debate, he could put the campaign away, while Obama just needs a good showing, which shouldn't be hard, considering how bad he was in the first debate.


A new Quinnipiac poll confirms President Obama's drop in the polls there has stopped. The president has a four point lead over Romney, 50-46 percent. The survey of 1,519 likely voters had a 2.5 percent margin of error. After the first debate, the president lost about half of his lead in the Keystone state. Recent polls show his support stabilizing around 5 percent ahead of Romney.


A We Ask America poll found Obama ahead of Romney by three points in Iowa. The poll of 1,499 likely voters gave Obama the edge 49-46 percent, with a 2.6 percent margin of error. Like Pennsylvania, Obama led in the majority of polls of Iowa throughout the campaign thus far. The race has tightened since the first debate, leaving Obama with small lead.


We Ask America also polled Colorado, site of the first presidential debate. The poll of 1,206 likely voters preferred Romney over Obama by a single point, 48-47. The poll's margin of error was 2.9 percent. Romney continues to do well there post-debate, winning his fifth poll out of eight since the debate. The president had won every poll of Colorado except one in September.

New Hampshire

Polls in New Hampshire continue to show the race is anyone's to win. For the second time out of the last three polls, the candidates are tied. A Suffolk University poll found Obama and Romney knotted at 47 percent. The poll of 500 likely voters had a 4.4 percent margin of error. Romney may have the momentum in New Hampshire, as he has led or tied in all three polls since the first presidential debate.

National Polls

Nationally, Romney continues to lead. The Gallup Seven Day Tracking Poll has Romney up by four points, 50-46. The Rasmussen Three Day Tracking Poll shows Romney with a smaller two-point lead, 49-47 percent. Obama had led in both polls consistently throughout most of September. Since the first debate, the candidates essentially flopped, with Romney now leading in both polls by the margins the president once enjoyed.

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