Polls Show Obama Gets Boost from Supreme Court Ruling

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In a poll released Saturday by Rasmussen Reports, President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican candidate Mitt Romney are virtually tied at 46 percent support and 44 percent. The bump for the president comes despite results from a Newsweek/Daily Beast survey that showed Americans have a negative opinion about the Supreme Court's ruling in general.

50: Percent approve of the job Obama is doing, according to Rasmussen. The Newsweek/Daily Beast poll placed his approval rating at 45 percent.

47: Percent support for Obama to 44 percent for Romney in the Newsweek/Daily Beast survey.

58: Percent in Newsweek/Daily Beast poll who said the Supreme Court's health care ruling was a political win for Obama and the Democrats.

45: Percent in a Fox News poll saying they supported Obama to 40 percent for Romney.

53: Percent believe Obama has a clear plan to boost the economy to 55 percent who believe Romney has one, according to the Fox News poll.

3: Swing states leaning toward the president, according to Quinnipiac University. Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania show Obama with a slight lead over Romney.

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