New Polls Show Romney Making Significant Gains on Obama

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ANALYSIS | In the wake of Rick Santorum's withdrawal as a contender in the race for a Republican presidential nominee, the recent release of multiple April polls show GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney making significant gains over incumbent President Barack Obama.

According to a survey released Thursday by Quinnipiac, while Obama still holds "a thin 46-42 percent lead" over Romney, the businessman beats the president 47 percent to 43 percent when it comes to winning the faith of American voters in running the economy.

Standing on his own performance as president -- when asked if they approve of the way Obama has handled the economy -- only 38 percent of the respondents said "yes." An overwhelming 56 percent said "no."

When asked if Obama deserves reelection, 46 percent said "yes" while 49 percent said "no."

Other issues in which Americans trust Romney more:

* Creating jobs -- Romney pulls 45 percent over Obama's 42 percent

* Gas prices -- Romney beats Obama by a margin of 44 percent to 31 percent.

* Immigration -- Romney beats 43 percent to Obama's 39 percent

* Leadership qualities -- Romney has a slight lead over Obama, 61 percent to 60 percent

Issues in which Americans trust Obama more:

* Foreign policy -- Obama 46 percent to 42 percent for Romney

* Health care -- Obama pulls 44 percent to Romney's 43 percent

* Women's issues -- Obama leads 52 percent over Romney's 32 percent

When it comes to taxes, Romney and Obama are tied at 43 percent.

According to an April 9-12 survey by Gallup, 72 percent of Americans see the economy as their greatest concern. Specifically, they cite the economy in general (32 percent), unemployment (25 percent), national debt/deficit (11 percent) and gas prices (eight percent), as the most important issues facing the country.

Only 47 percent view non-economic issues -- foreign policy, healthcare and social/women's issues -- as most important.

Surveys released by Gallup in June 2011, September 2010 and November 2009 confirm that the economy and jobs have remained the consistent, primary sources of concern of Americans during Obama's first term in office.

Other national polls showing Romney taking a lead over Obama:

* Fox News -- Romney pulls 46 percent to Obama's 44 percent

* Gallup Tracking -- Romney 48 percent, Obama 44 percent

* Rasmussen Tracking -- Romney 46 percent to Obama's 45 percent

The latest CBS News-New York Times poll shows them tied at 47 percent.

While Rasmussen did not release an Obama/Romney match-up poll in March, surveys released by Fox News, Gallup and CBS News-New York Times showed Obama leading Romney.

Similar to Quinnipiac's poll, while the poll released by ABC News-Washington Post on April 10 showed Obama with a 51 percent to 44 percent lead over Romney, Romney was ranked with significant leads over Obama in Gallup's top three areas of American concern.

* The economy -- Romney 47 percent, Obama 43 percent

* The federal budget deficit -- Romney 51 percent to Obama's 38 percent

* Energy policy -- Romney pulls 47 percent to Obama's 42 percent

Despite Obama's 2007 claim that he could "bring the country together more effectively" than his rival, Hillary Clinton, a separate Rasmussen survey released Thursday shows 55 percent of Americans believe "hate is growing in the United States." 23 percent disagree.

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