President Obama's Liberal Celebrity Friends Are an Embarrassment

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COMMENTARY | The ultra-liberal faction in Hollywood is not doing President Barack Obama any favors this campaign season. The inane Twitter battles are juvenile and will not impress independent voters concerned primarily with the struggling economy.

Actor Matthew Modine's attempts to garner at least a little publicity for his short film which centers on the accusation that Jesus Christ was a Communist highlights the break with reality from which the far-left often suffers. Controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright and sex advice "guru" Dan Savage are also creating sophomoric drama for the Obama administration, according to The Blaze.

Modine cast Republican Mitt Romney as a racist because blacks were barred from holding a priesthood position in the Mormon faith decades ago, yet gives Obama a pass for attending Wright's church where racial hatred is still shouted from the pulpit. Apparently, Modine and his ilk feel it's appropriate to engage in racism if such statements address the "sins of the U.S. past," The Blaze reports. Exactly what Manifest Destiny and unjust dealings with Native Americans more than a century ago have to do with the Obama and Romney race, Modine has yet to explain.

The social media drama that continues to unfold is reminiscent of middle school squabbling. Savage's foul language when discussing sexual and gay advocacy topics further highlights the growing low-brow tone of Obama supporters. Contradictory statements are not uncommon from liberals, but Savage's remarks are even more extreme than sentences routinely uttered by the progressive fringe on the MSNBC nightly news.

Savage claims to be an anti-bullying crusader but cuts loose with a vulgar tirade against Christian teens. A video clip of Savage's shockingly harsh rhetoric published on The Blaze did not contain the type of sentiments the audience expected when listening to a speech against bullying.

It is astonishing that liberals do not recognize the hypocrisy of their delusional claims of tolerance when vicious personal attacks against those with opposing views are becoming commonplace. Only a progressive would consider it appropriate to turn a high school speech against discriminatory bullying tactics into hate-fueled political diatribe.

The liberal activist called Christian students who left the assembly a derogatory phrase which included curse words, according to CNN. Before Savage pontificates again on the subject of bullying, he should look-up the definition of the term and reflect on his own behavior.

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