President Obama's Speech was Inspiring, but Where is the Substance?

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Yahoo News asked Americans to respond to Barack Obama's speech on the economy on Wednesday and share whether their own financial lives match the president's words. Here's one perspective.

COMMENTARY | After hearing President Obama's economic speech, I can't help but wonder if it was solely to promote his health care reform plan. It was a great speech, but left me needing more substance.

The majority of President Obama's speech was empowering and inspiring, but left me wanting more. I want to know a strategic plan for helping the middle and lower class, instead of hearing the president wants to start from the "bottom up." What is he going to do to help the poor communities, and get them working full-time jobs that pay enough to live? I do like that he mentioned raising the minimum wage as a suggestion, because as it stands, people working the wage still can't afford to live.

The president also said he is going to be calling on the private sector to step up. Well, I want to know how he is going to hold them accountable. Will he regulate it in some way? Will he hold CEOs accountable for outrageous compensation packages compared to what their lower-level employees are making? I wanted to hear more depth in this speech instead of inspiring quotes.

As an educated Chicago resident who is a part-time employee at a local business, and self-employed, I see a need for more economic help and full-time work. The job market is bleak for graduates, and the entry pay is weak. Many places expect me to work for free as an intern for years before offering a salary, or letting me go. And as a voter, I see cities crumbling because of pension debt and salaries. The system needs to be overhauled; instead, we're seeing cities like Detroit driving the issues to bankruptcy. The Chicago economy continues to struggle as 2,100 teachers were recently given pink slips, and schools closed down. I agree with the president about improvements, but we desperately need more.

However, as he pointed out, "America, we have made it through the worst of yesterday's winds." We have to keep trying.

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